Yellow Rose Jeans is the concept of a fashion designer who recognised the need for stylish yet comfortable jeans for the more curvaceous woman.

The story started at a showroom in Knightsbridge, London, where a range of jeans was designed and created ready for a discerning clientele.


These stunning garments are hand-made in Verona, Italy to the highest standards and using the finest materials.

With worldwide interest, the name Yellow Rose has become synonymous with quality and fitting, giving the wearer the most perfect fit of any jeans on the market today.

Following Louise Eccles’ article in the Daily Mail, asking “Why most women can only dream of perfect jeans”, she points out that there is actually no jeans that fit women perfectly.
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This seems to be the holy grail for women wanting jeans that allow fashion and functionality.

There is actually an answer, knowing that Yellow Rose Jeans has the solution with the range of perfectly fitting jeans and in many different styles.

“The survey of 1,752 consumers found that women over 55 will compromise style for comfort and seek out jeans with Lycra or more stretch.”

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